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The Weeks Episode

A Story Of Grace And Hope: We all have things that we're asked to do. Everybody has to do chores from time to time. But when Hope decides that doesn't apply to her, and misses out on the reward, she works out a way to get her own reward. She ends up hearing the story of Jonah--a "whale" of a tale about another stubborn person who didn't want to obey what he was asked to do. Will Hope get the connection before she's swallowed up?

The Balm Official Guide

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The Balm Official Guide Empty The Balm Official Guide

Post by Jesus' Princess on Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:46 pm

Guide to The Balm of Gilead
So youíre new here? Wondering what in the world this is? Well youíve come to the right place! This is the master guide to this amazingly awesome message board, The Balm of Gilead. So probably the first thing youíre wondering is how it all works. Well, there are 10 forums,
-The Mayors Office
-Gilead Lane Observers Club
-The Park
-Taylors General Store
-Graces House
-The Town Square
-Writers Corner
-The Woods
-The Dinner Table

They are each meant for a different topic of conversation, so Iíll start by outlining each forum and itís purpose.

●The Mayors Office
It is where the business of the town is conducted. Come here to ask the Admins questions, Introduce your self, and most importantly, read this guide to The Balm. (well, maybe not mostimportant....)

●Gilead Lane Observers Club
Come here and discuss the entire reason for the forum, the radio show Down Gileads Lane. Discuss episodes, speculate about future episodes, and even the message of the story

●The Park
Come here and talk about your favorite sports, players, games, and all that fun stuff. You can also play fun games, as well as run your own.

●Taylors General Store
So youíve got all this money youíve been earning? (donít worry, Iíll get to that in a minute) well hereís the place where you can come and spend it! Or, if youíve got something to sell, come here and set up shop.

●Graces House
Hereís where we discuss the bible, and pray for one another. Talk about your favorite verses, post a prayer request, or share your testimony. Graces house is a special place on The Balm for discussion of Gods Word.

●The Town Square
You want to talk about something that just doesnít seem to fit anywhere else? Chances are it goes right here. Hereís where we talk about life in general. Whether you want to discuss the latest headlines, take a poll, or just talk about life, The Town Square is the place to do it.

●Writers Corner
So you like to write? This is the place for you! Post your work, discuss favorite authors and books, critique others writing, it all happens right here.

●The Woods
With a little bit of imagination, The Woods can be whatever we want them to be. From a kingdom you are trying to protect to the war you are fighting, The Woods are the place for RPGs of all kinds.

And Finally....

●The Dinner Table
Come here to debate anything and everything. Itís all good, as long as nothing gets thrown.

So now that you have a basic idea of all the forums, you may be curious about a couple of things. Hopefully I can cover them all right here.

So, whatís the deal with money? How can I earn it? Well, for every post you make, you will get $2 of virtual, one of a kind, Balm of Gilead money. For every additional paragraph in your post, you will receive another $2 (if it is deemed that you have earned it). Every time you start a topic, you will get $5. The only catch? Spamming will not be tolerated, and the posts will be deleted. Which means you will lose the cash.

How do I transfer money to another member? Since our points system is not totally automated at this time you will need to contact the banker. Our banker is ~JCGJ~. To contact him, use the banker option in the navigation at the top of your screen.

Well, what is spam? Spam is a food that some people find appetizing, I personally think itís gross. Why do you want to know? Okay, okay, sorry Smile Spamming is posting things that add nothing to the conversation. For instance, if we were discussing why cats are awesome, and you posted in that thread that it was your birthday, then that would be spam, because it adds absolutely nothing to the conversation about cats, and is completely random. However, if you said it was your birthday in a Happy Birthday thread, it would not be spam.Also, one word posts such as: Ditto, lol, no, what? haha, cool! etc... are considered spam as

What about double posting? Double posting, when one member posts twice in a row, is another thing that you should avoid. It gets annoying after a while, and if you need to add something to your previous post, we have a nice edit feature so you can edit your posts whenever the need may arise.

How come I can't post an avatar? That is one of the things you have to use your virtual money for. Aside from the member shops we have an official shop where you can pay to have an avatar as well as pay for other things. That is also in the navigation at the top of your screen.

Can I be an admin? Not at this point. We (the admins) have decided that at this point in time, we are going to stay as permanent admins. There may be a time in the future though that we run elections, so stay tuned!

My posts are being edited???? We do moniter what is going on, and being said around the board. If we find posts that are disrespectful or offensive, we will remove them and notify the poster. We wonít permit swearing, taking the Lords name in vain, or the cutting down of other members on this board.

If thereís anything else that I havenít covered here that you were wondering about, feel free to
post your question in the Ask the Admins section of The Mayors Office.

Oh and one last thing, The Admins!
●Maya R
●Jesusí Princess

While we do make keep this board running, we are not the most important people here, who is?
you may be asking yourself, well the answer is..... *drumroll*'

..You! Without dedicated members, this board would be a very boring place, and who wants to
spend time being bored?

So now that you know everything you need to know, go start posting!

Jesus' Princess

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