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The Weeks Episode

A Story Of Grace And Hope: We all have things that we're asked to do. Everybody has to do chores from time to time. But when Hope decides that doesn't apply to her, and misses out on the reward, she works out a way to get her own reward. She ends up hearing the story of Jonah--a "whale" of a tale about another stubborn person who didn't want to obey what he was asked to do. Will Hope get the connection before she's swallowed up?

Blogging: Rules and Suggestions

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Blogging: Rules and Suggestions Empty Blogging: Rules and Suggestions

Post by ~JCGJ~ on Wed May 02, 2012 5:46 pm

So, we've decided that it might be interesting to allow blogs. So, if you want to start a blog I have just a few rules and suggestions for you.

First of all, To start a blog, you must first buy a Blogging Permit. This costs $25 in the Balm's shop.

Second, You can choose to allow people to subscribe to your blog. Let me explain. If a blog is not subscription based, any member can come on and see that blog. But, if you want your blog to be subscription based, you can charge people anywhere from $5 to $25 to view your blog. (If you have any questions about subscriptions, please ask). Please note that adding the subscription privaledge to your Permit costs $10 extra.

Third, If at any time, for any reason, you want your blog to be removed, you will be reimbursed $15, and your subscribers will be reimbursed half their subscription fee.

Fourth, You can also make Vlogs (that's video-blogs), if you choose. These will opperate in the same way as a regular blog.

Fifth, Please post each blog entry in a different thread. Again, let me explain. When you purchase a Blogging Permit, you will be given a blogging sub-forum in the Blog forum. In that sub-forum, you will post your blog entries as seperate threads, to allow people to coment about each entry, without cluttering up your blog. (Again, if you have questions about this, please ask)

Sixth, Have fun!

Blogging: Rules and Suggestions JCGJsig3

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Blogging: Rules and Suggestions Empty Re: Blogging: Rules and Suggestions

Post by Bren on Fri May 04, 2012 5:49 pm

Due to some discussions about the price, we have lowered it to $25.

Blogging: Rules and Suggestions Bmac

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